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Frequently Ask Questions


Do I have to pay a Security Deposit? All residents must pay a Security Deposit equal to one month’s rent prior to moving in. This is a HUD requirement.

How much is my rent and how is it determined? Rent is 30% of an individual’s adjusted income. The formula takes the gross income (SSA, Pension, Wages, Asset Income, etc.) and subtracts a percentage of out of pocket medical expenses. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development provides Section 8 assistance to pay the balance of the rent.


Will you do a credit or background screening?  Yes, we do a credit check, landlord verification and criminal background screening on all applicants.  The applicant will not be asked to pay an applicant fee or for the credit, landlord or background screening.

Do you have medical personnel on site? Our facilities are considered independent living. We do not have medical personnel on site. We do however have emergency call buttons in every apartment. They are monitored 24 hours per day and when activated, EMT personnel respond.

What utilities are included with the rent? All utilities, except cable television and telephone are included at Eden Place, Page Place I and Page Place II. Residents at The Chalice Apartments are responsible for their electric bill (HUD provides a Utility Allowance to The Chalice Apartment residents to help with this.)

Can I bring my pets? Yes, each resident is allowed to have up to two dogs, two cats or a combination. Animals cannot be more than 25 pounds, must be spade or neutered, and have shots annually. There is a separate Pet Deposit which is $300 (this can be paid $50 at time of move in and $10 per month until completed).

What are the visiting hours? Can my family and friends visit and stay overnight? Our facilities do not have designated visiting hours. This is your home, and visitors are free to come and go at your discretion. Our policy is that a guest may stay up to 14 consecutive nights or 28 nights annually. This is the same as HUD’s policy. Overnight guests are asked to sign in at the office so that we know they are in the building for emergency purposes.

Are there planned activities? Each month a calendar of activities is planned by staff and a resident planning committee. A wide range of activities include Bible study, weekly praise and worship services, bingo, potlucks, holiday parties, exercise, movie nights, field trips, dining out and many, many more.

What if I need help? Where do I go? Each of our facilities has a Service Coordinator on staff. It is the job of the Service Coordinator to help residents connect with the programs and services in the community which will allow residents to maintain an independent lifestyle longer.


Are the apartments furnished?  No.  Residents must provided their own furnishings, however a frost free refrigerator and electric range are provided.

Do the apartments have washer/dryer hookups? No. All of our buildings have coin operated laundry rooms. We strive to keep our washer/dryer fees at the lowest possible amount. Currently, our rates are $0.50 wash and $0.50 dry.

Are the apartments all electric? Yes, all of our units are electric.

Do the apartments have dishwashers? No, HUD did not allow us to provide dishwashers.

Does the apartment have a security system? The individual units do not have security systems, however each of the buildings have secured entrances. A call box is located at the front entrance which allows visitors to call the resident for entry.

Is there staff on site 24 hours a day? No. All residents are given contact telephone numbers for after hour emergencies.

Are meals available? We do not provide meals. Many of our residents receive a daily midday meal through the meals on wheels program. Our Service Coordinator can assist in arranging for these meals.

Is transportation available? Yes, we have a wheelchair accessible bus thru a local church (Longview Properties only) that provides transportation one day a week to a grocery store and depending on availability may also provide transportation to medical appointments and recreational activities, again this will be based on availability. 

Am I required to have Renter’s Insurance? This is a personal decision. We encourage our residents to purchase Renter’s Insurance because we cannot insure your personal property.

Do the buildings have elevators? All of our facilities are multiple stories and have elevators for resident convenience.

Will I have assigned parking? Eden Place and Page Place I have assigned parking.

What is the maximum number of people who can live in an apartment?  Our occupancy standards are the same as those set by the State of Texas, 3 persons per bedroom.  All residents must be on the lease.

Where will I get my mail? All of our tenants are assigned a private mailbox. These boxes are located on the first floor of the building.


Can I have satellite television at these properties? No, we cannot allow satellite connection on these properties, they are however prewired for cable. You can also have internet installed if you chose. 

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