About Us

Board of Directors for

Chalice, Eden Place, Page Place 1 & 2 and Disciple Place Village


Northeast Texas Disciples Homes, Inc.

Disciples Homes of Longview, Texas, Inc.

Disciples Housing of Longview, Texas, Inc.

Tyler Disciples Homes

Disciples Homes of Northeast Texas, Inc.


Dale Hedrick, Kilgore, President

Chris Crawford, Longview, Vice President

Jim Hughey, Longview, Secretary

Larry Gilliam, Tyler, Treasurer

Johnny Medrano, Longview

Susan Ellison, Longview

Richard Perryman, Tyler

Brian Fenwick, Big Sandy

Meredeth Brown, Kilgore

David Maland, Tyler

Rev. Robert Loftis, Laneville

Rev. Charles Hunt, Longview

Patti Cunyus, Kilgore

Lacy Weaver, Henderson

Faith Fort, Gladewater

Kirk Shields, Longview

Rev. Jim Rawlins, Hughes Springs

Deborah Brown, Hallsville



Administrative Staff


Susie Blakeley, RHM -   Administrator

Mrs. Blakeley is responsible for oversight of all of the facilities and staff managed by Disciple Homes.  She has worked in all phases of site management for HUD housing for over 15 years.



 Sarah Parker -  Assistant Administrator

Mrs. Parker assists in the administration of the facilities and heads up the accounting department. 


 Erin Still -  Bookkeeper



Becky Miller - Service Coordinator Supervisor & Outreach Director

Mrs. Miller is responsible for training and supervising all of the Service Coordinators employed by Disciple Homes.  As Outreach Director, she is our ambassador to the community and area churches.



David Wilson - Maintenance Supervisor


Vivian Butler  -  Community Manager

Eden Place, Longview, Texas



Amory Zaricor - Community Manager

Page Place, Longview, Texas



Angela Arden  -  Community Manager

Page Place II, Longview, Texas



Angela Smith -  Community Manager

The Chalice Apartments, Henderson, Texas



Angela Smith- Community Manager

Disciple Place Village, Tyler, Texas